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My new journal is 23beats_off
So if you want to be added either let me know on here, or let me know on my new journal.

But I'm definitely adding the following people, and even if I don't always comment on some of your journals, I always read them. Cause that shits fun.


I'll probably add some other random people, and ofcourse the space ghetto community.

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I'm thinking.

I'm gonna make a new livejournal either tonight or tomorrow.
So it would be cool to know who cares to add me on my other name.
I don't even care if I have like 4 friends.
I just want a fresh livejournal, and everything completely friends only.

Just a taste of what I'm still going to be posting, so take it or leave it sluts.
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I got a really cute ring today.

They jingle, and Percy loves to fucking attack it. God.

Hmm, it's been a slow day but I'm probably gonna go hang out with Steve and Anne soon.

It's fucking 58 degrees in my house but it's hotter outside. What's wrong?
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30 Days of Night was okay.

I liked it...well the 20 minutes of actual violence, blood, and vampires that was in the two hour long movie.
Considering the rest was just the two main characters acting like pussies cause they are still in love or some dumb shit.
I absolutely hate in movies when the main man is about to go do something heroic by himself and then the girl has to chime in with "I'm going with you"

I like how much personality those vampires had though.
And Ben Foster was the best.

Worst ending too.

I love seeing movies with my Mom cause we make fun of them like crazy throughout the whole thing.

We almost hit a deer right after leaving the movies.
My Mom was like "NO GOD"

Also my Mom and I tried to go into this new restaurant and this guy was standing outside and was like, if you don't have an invitation you can't come in cause it's friends and family but I think I can sneak you in.
My Mom was like Why the hell would I want to go into some place where I'm not invited? And isn't that bad for business? Grand opening and invite only?
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